This poem was inspired by my sister and was published in the 2016 literary journal at Snow College.

For people dealing with anxiety:


Eyes flicker up

.                      and

.                       down

side to. . .

inside mt heart beats loudly

uncontrolled and flutters                                                    away

.                                                                                     short

.                                                                          fast

.                                                           panic

.                                             breath

.                               breath

bre. . .

throat tight, fingers flicker

what if what if WHAT IF!?

My brain screams; freezing

My anxious cells; wailing

.                     pleading


me to give up

I whisper

.                         whisper

up to the wind

raising for my cure

As I force my foot forward

Into unseen winds of why?

For we are the worriers of the future.



Dealing with mental illness does NOT make you weak. You may worry worry worry about so many things that it paralyzes you or causes panic attacks and feeling of helplessness but just remember you ARE a WARRIOR!!!


How they treat you. . .

Dear Lauren,

You know, people say you can measure who a person is by how they treat you. . .

It’s hard for me to see how people are treating you right now. After you went on Ellen’s show and then going on the Domenick Nati Show and your response to the question “Do you think homosexuality is a sin?” They’ve nitpicked your words and called you a fake christian.

Just think, what those same people would say if you had NOT gone on Ellen’s show BECAUSE she’s gay or told Domenick that all homosexuals need to repent now. How Christian would that have been?

It reminds me of the time one of my other favorite artists, Lindsey Sterling, got reprimand and hate for a dress she wore that “wasn’t” modest by her church’s standards or at least what the people of the church thought was immodest.

Christians have to do a balancing act of holding to God and living in a world of chaos. Actually everyone does, whether they believe in God, Allah, Vishnu, something else or nothing entirely. Christians shouldn’t be tearing down other Christians simply because they think you’re not acting like a Christian has to act.

I read a letter addressed to you about your apparent lack of christian duty that said “Everyone you love is a sinner, Lauren, every last one of them. If you love them then you will do your Christian duty and call them to repent of their sin. It was out of love that God sent his precious son Jesus to die on the cross.” (https://pulpitandpen.org/2018/12/02/to-lauren-daigle-re-sin-homosexuality/)

So many people have slandered what you’ve said about homosexuality accusing you of lowering your christian standards because of your tolerant stance on this matter. After they berate you they pull out scripture after scripture about homosexual sin and the commandments to call people to repent.

I understand where they are coming from. These people want Christians that are famous or popular in the world to influence the world for good and not compromise their standards because of the pressures of celebrity. But in wanted you to be that for them, they are hurting you for tailoring God’s message to the world.


Like that letter said, everyone is a sinner. Sin is personal, tailored to each of us, and so is the repentance process. And that process is SUPPOSED to be between God and the individual sinner. I think what you said is perfect for the world to hear right now. Christians shouldn’t judge right off the bat. You showed the world that we are tolerant and loving to people, no matter how different they live from us. You encouraged them to read the bible and find out for themselves and then share it WITH you. Because like you said we are all learning here. God knows its hard to learn in an environment of hate that’s why he sent His son Jesus down to earth not only to die for us on the cross but also to show us how to live. He was kind and gentle and taught tolerance and love for sinners that wished to repent. One of his names is the Prince of Peace. How can we say we follow Him when we are at war with each other?

It pains me to see “Christians” condemning you for expressing in your own words that loving people is our first commandment, far above demanding repentance from them.

I have many friends who are not of my faith, with different beliefs, ideals and dare I say sins. (I got my bag of sins that I’m trying to repent from too) All I can do is let them know my beliefs, standards and concerns for them and love them. Letting them know I’m always here for them to talk with about anything, from religion to movie quotes, is vital to me because it helps me understand who they are so I can love them better.

You may think homosexuality is a sin or not and honestly I don’t care which it is. You are doing your best to spread God’s love with your music and words. People need to feel that love before they even care about repenting of their sins, whether it be jaywalking or homosexuality.

I stand by you as a fellow Christian to “love thy neighbor as thyself.” For “there is none other commandment greater than these.” (Mark 12:30-31)

Its none of my business what people’s sins are. I’m trying very hard not to think ill of the people who have thought ill of you. They have lives that I know nothing about. And people that are apart of the LGBTQ+ community deal with some trials that I will never struggle with. And you have a life that’s hard enough without fellow Christians calling you fake. You are doing what you can in the public eye to spread God’s love and help others to walk the christian path with gentle encouragements and kindness.

Your music has changed me and helped me through very difficult times and I hope people will listen to it more and that all of this will not discourage you from sharing your amazing talent with the world. Your faith is real and your love is real.

In hope,


Ryn Spire

Define yourself

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about CREATING yourself.” -Unknown

Screenshot (3)

Between the lines and shades of life we find the things that make us who we are. Sometimes it’s difficult to seek after the in between places because the lines are comfortable. They are clear cut; we know where we are and where others are.

As we blend though, we find new shades of meaning; we grow and change. It is this material that we need to use to create new lines, discover new ways of being and ultimately create you! A person that can find the kindness in others, can bring out the best in anything and that can not only change the world but CREATE a world of change.

You don’t have to be bound by status ques or cultural expectations. Why listen to the naysayers and haters? They are as rigid as parallel lines unable to see the angles you see.

Come ALIVE with the knowledge that you have the stuff it takes to explore and create and be!