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Hey!! My first day in the life moment:)So. . .you know those days where you want to start something new and you google it, go to try it and realize it just doesn’t jive with your vibe? That’s actually what happened to me today. I have been searching (on and off) for YEARS trying to find a way to work from home online AND a way to better the lives around me; and I kept hearing “start a YouTube channel! It will be amazing you’ll get your words and face out there and you can do ads on all your videos etc etc”So I tried to start it today and. . .I flopped. FAIL! Firsties reason for the fail is that I have got no resources to video myself. I know people say you don’t need it but for me to feel good about publishing a video of me for everyone to see is that it needs to be somewhat decent quality. Another reason that it failed was that I wasn’t being true to me. I’m not in a place where I feel comfortable expressing myself through YouTube at this time in my life and I realized, after feeling like I was a dead end street for a moment, that that is ok!!I also realized through the whole process is that I need to find what works for me, not everyone else. Maybe someday I’ll have the means to feel confident in producing a quality channel to get my vibe out there but for now I’ll just rely on the written word. I know I can write up a storm and have the small courage to hit the publish button on this blog and for now that’s enough.Right now, I keep having to remind myself of that. It’s enough that I got out of bed today. It’s enough that all I did today was diaper and feed my kid. It was enough that I tried something and realized it’s not working right now. And that’s ok.Just know if you ever feel like your inadequate or your not being productive just think:

  • If all you did was rest today you breathed, on average, 23,040 breaths today.
  • Again if all you did was lie around your heart beat about 108,000 times.
  • Experts estimate that you thought between 50,000 to 80,000 thoughts today

That’s 181,040 things you did in A DAY!! So proud of you:)If all you did was breath, feel and think today you are doing enough.When you find strength to realize that, your 50,000 to 80,000 thoughts are guided you to a more gentler path for yourself and it will lift you higher even when you’re feeling low.My lesson learned today, hopefully I don’t have to relearn it:) haha.That’s a day in the life of Ryn.


Why your year should start now!!


You probably had a whole list of resolutions and hopes for this new year; and if not you’ve most likely thought about what the new year will bring you and how you can improve.

But. . .right about now you’re thinking: “well I already screwed it up. I didn’t do this or that and I missed this day in January for doing that one thing and since I didn’t “change” or “execute” my goals perfectly this month there’s no point in trying to keep going for it.” Right?


Let me tell you a thing.

I love learning about old religions like Egyptian Gods and Greek heroes and random folklore from the Viking era. It’s completely fascinating to me. One of these I’ve dived deeply into is druidry and the wheel of the year “holidays”. The first holiday the Gaelic people celebrated is Imbolc, which signifies the beginning of spring. It’s around February 1st (wow that’s like today!) thru the 3rd because that’s halfway between the winter solstice and spring equinox. (I’m rambling I know but there’s a point to all this I promise) There are many traditions linked to the holiday, some old pagan and others christianized. But (here’s the point!) it’s a time of walking up after the long winter and starting life a new.

So here are three reasons why you should chalk January up as a trail period and start your new year, new goals and more importantly a new you now!!

Number 1: You don’t walk the bear early.

January 1st has been glorified as the day to start well, everything. But. . . seriously? It’s still winter!!! Winter in the natural world is a time of resting; (brown) bears eat roughly NINETY pounds a DAY and usually weigh twice as much as normal so they can what? Hybernate.

Would you walk up a bear in the middle of his deep sleep to. . .let’s see? Go to the gym? Or start a new project? Or give him a list of all the things he needs to accomplish this year? NO!! Honestly that’s a sure fire way to get a very exciting obituary in the paper about you. So if you wouldn’t do it to a bear, why on earth would you do it to yourself??? I’m not saying don’t think about resolutions and ways to improve for the new year and if you want to start go for it!! Just don’t beat yourself up if you weren’t perfect in January because you and the world are still in survive-til-spring mode. Respect the bear, respect yourself and let both rest.

Number 2: Testing, testing, 1,2,3

When you’re trying anything new, don’t you want a trail period where you can get in the muck, slosh about figure out how it works and if it will benefit you or not? Even in stores they provide dressing rooms to try on clothes to see if it fits you AND flatters you. Why can’t we approach a new year like this?

There have been so many new years where I get so pumped! I write AND print out all my resolutions and proudly hang them on a wall and I start off so strong. I think “This is the year! I’m gonna become a new me and accomplish ALL the things!!!” . . .

. . . . .and then because I poked the bear or my goals didn’t fit me or I didn’t like how they made me look or feel I fumbled with the new habits and goals and thoughts of failure hit me. I stopped all together because I thought “why keep going? I already messed up” and my resolutions were shoved into a drawer in my desk until the end of the year where I look at them and sadly laugh at all the things I didn’t do.

But not this year.

If only I had changed my mindset and started out with a trail period in mind I probably could have tweaked those goals just a bit to fit me and where I was at that point in my life and kept going with the ones that worked FOR me and not against me.

So this year, January was a trail month for me. I thought about my goals, tested some out; found that some weren’t working, others I could change just a bit for my life and others just had to be chucked.

It’s made me feel so much better about my new year because I hadn’t committed to goals that I had no idea if they fit me or not.

So test things out, do I trail run and then you can move forward with more confidence. 🙂

Number 3: (big inhale) aaahh. . . Fresh February!!!!

Sounds good, huh? A fresh start; after thinking you probably didn’t do too stellar on your new goals in January and might have thought of giving up. But no!! You can now think of February as your fresh start. And whose to say once you get to the end of February and think you didn’t do what you wanted that it’s over? Every month is a fresh start. Repeat after me with gusto. EVERY MONTH IS A FRESH START!!!

Feel the freshness and just keep going. It’s not the end of the world if you miss a workout one day of the month. Think of those 29 days or 30 days you DID workout or do whatever your goal is. Don’t focus on the one or two bad days and let that small thing get you down. Instead, focus on the good you did do.

In summary, find courage to keep going. If you haven’t even started, smell the freshness of spring coming and start small. Spring is when new things start growing. Be gentle with yourself, find goals that work for you and step forward knowing that everything can grow green and strong, if you allow it.

In hope,

Ryn Spire


Three things to help start your passion!

3 things to help start your passion!

Crunch, crunch, “cringe”.

Have you ever stepped into a foreboding forest and felt that way? When your feet steps on the leaves and a couple steps in, you crumble like a cookie; and your double take is almost as audible as the crispy once-green things under your toes? Technically, it doesn’t even have to be a forest. It could be a board room or conference center; class room or theater stage.

Hopefully, all of us have experienced this feeling at some point in our lives; where we feel so prepared for the things ahead; ready to conquer!! and then as we walk into it we reel back, almost to the point of panic. Well, I feel this way right now! Starting this blog, I am unsure of everything I’m righting write now (wait did I mix those up?) and doubt plagues me with every word.

I’ve read so many blog tips and books and articles and well, blog posts about how you need to be sure of yourself and you HAVE to know you niche and market and to know what you are writing and why and for whom and NEVER under ANY circumstances reveal that you don’t know what you’re doing.

What do they expect?  HAHA!! Well, I’ve tried to create a blog like that; one that would be a sure-fire success and will have tons of people reading my words and be inspired to live their up to the truth they know and reach for the stars but, as you can see, that blog never even started existing.

Why? because I was too worried about my words and my brand and my niche and  . . .blah blah blah blog terminology that I gave up before I wrote a word. All of those tips and rules and advice made me feel like I had to live up to ALL of them and I felt like I was too small to do it all.fear1

The essence, is that I was afraid. Specifically with this venture, I’ve avoided posting or moving forward because “What if somebody reads it?” or “What if nobody reads it?” or “What if no one cares about what I’m trying to do?” and the biggy “What if they do?” I was afraid of failure as well as success.

Fear was killing my dream of writing a blog. It doesn’t matter if anyone reads it. It doesn’t matter if my content is crap at the beginning and I have no idea what I’m writing. All the advice I read about told me to create this all-perfect inspirational professional blog from the get-go but I’ve learned that this blog will be different. It won’t be perfect because I’m not perfect and it certainly might be awful to read but it’s going to change and grow; just like me. 🙂

So here are three things I’ve learned from starting this blog that might help you with your own blog or with starting anything that you’re passionate about

  1. Kick fear in the face!

Just like I said above fear was preventing me from moving forward, freezing me in a place of no progression. Whatever you passion is, whatever you’re trying to start, tackle fear first. Seek what works for you; talking about it with someone, focus on what you know, create rewards for yourself, take a break, meditate, exercise etc. (ten ways to fight your fears) Once you feel like your courage is stronger than your fear you’re ready for thing number two.

2. Build up your confidence

One of the strategies to handle fear is focusing on what you know. This can also help strengthen your confidence. Another thing that can help is to learn about what will help you fulfill your passion or help you start. Now, don’t do what I did and swamp yourself with all these tips and ideas that you get too overwhelmed with it all. Find a balance. Learn enough to boost your confidence then do thing number three immediately after.


Enough said. Just start and keep going. As you move forward towards your passion or what you want you will find that yeah, the fear may still come around but you’ll know how to handle it and you will have your goal to guide you. Your confidence will increase as the steps you’ve already taken will be behind you and encourage you to take even more steps to reach your destination (whether its an actual place or a state of mind or way of living)


As my ability and confidence grows this blog will grow and hopefully you, the reader, will grow too. I won’t let the “crunch, crunch, cringe” scare me away from this blog or from my personal dreams. And I hope you won’t let it scare you away from your own personal dreams either. Fear will make you fail every time. But all we have to do is grit our teeth and move forward through it and be comfortable in your own goals. So what do you say? Ready to start this journey with me?

So here’s my dream for this blog. I want to share my personal experiences and insight to inspire others to live by their truth; not mine or anyone else’s. I know it’s vague, broad but its a start and you need to start somewhere, right?

In hope,


P.S  Hey! let me know what you thought of this post in the comments below. What did you like? What needs improving? Readers comments will be used to make this blog a better place to inspire and uplift.



This poem was inspired by my sister and was published in the 2016 literary journal at Snow College.

For people dealing with anxiety:


Eyes flicker up

.                      and

.                       down

side to. . .

inside mt heart beats loudly

uncontrolled and flutters                                                    away

.                                                                                     short

.                                                                          fast

.                                                           panic

.                                             breath

.                               breath

bre. . .

throat tight, fingers flicker

what if what if WHAT IF!?

My brain screams; freezing

My anxious cells; wailing

.                     pleading


me to give up

I whisper

.                         whisper

up to the wind

raising for my cure

As I force my foot forward

Into unseen winds of why?

For we are the worriers of the future.



Dealing with mental illness does NOT make you weak. You may worry worry worry about so many things that it paralyzes you or causes panic attacks and feeling of helplessness but just remember you ARE a WARRIOR!!!


How they treat you. . .

Dear Lauren,

You know, people say you can measure who a person is by how they treat you. . .

It’s hard for me to see how people are treating you right now. After you went on Ellen’s show and then going on the Domenick Nati Show and your response to the question “Do you think homosexuality is a sin?” They’ve nitpicked your words and called you a fake christian.

Just think, what those same people would say if you had NOT gone on Ellen’s show BECAUSE she’s gay or told Domenick that all homosexuals need to repent now. How Christian would that have been?

It reminds me of the time one of my other favorite artists, Lindsey Sterling, got reprimand and hate for a dress she wore that “wasn’t” modest by her church’s standards or at least what the people of the church thought was immodest.

Christians have to do a balancing act of holding to God and living in a world of chaos. Actually everyone does, whether they believe in God, Allah, Vishnu, something else or nothing entirely. Christians shouldn’t be tearing down other Christians simply because they think you’re not acting like a Christian has to act.

I read a letter addressed to you about your apparent lack of christian duty that said “Everyone you love is a sinner, Lauren, every last one of them. If you love them then you will do your Christian duty and call them to repent of their sin. It was out of love that God sent his precious son Jesus to die on the cross.” (https://pulpitandpen.org/2018/12/02/to-lauren-daigle-re-sin-homosexuality/)

So many people have slandered what you’ve said about homosexuality accusing you of lowering your christian standards because of your tolerant stance on this matter. After they berate you they pull out scripture after scripture about homosexual sin and the commandments to call people to repent.

I understand where they are coming from. These people want Christians that are famous or popular in the world to influence the world for good and not compromise their standards because of the pressures of celebrity. But in wanted you to be that for them, they are hurting you for tailoring God’s message to the world.


Like that letter said, everyone is a sinner. Sin is personal, tailored to each of us, and so is the repentance process. And that process is SUPPOSED to be between God and the individual sinner. I think what you said is perfect for the world to hear right now. Christians shouldn’t judge right off the bat. You showed the world that we are tolerant and loving to people, no matter how different they live from us. You encouraged them to read the bible and find out for themselves and then share it WITH you. Because like you said we are all learning here. God knows its hard to learn in an environment of hate that’s why he sent His son Jesus down to earth not only to die for us on the cross but also to show us how to live. He was kind and gentle and taught tolerance and love for sinners that wished to repent. One of his names is the Prince of Peace. How can we say we follow Him when we are at war with each other?

It pains me to see “Christians” condemning you for expressing in your own words that loving people is our first commandment, far above demanding repentance from them.

I have many friends who are not of my faith, with different beliefs, ideals and dare I say sins. (I got my bag of sins that I’m trying to repent from too) All I can do is let them know my beliefs, standards and concerns for them and love them. Letting them know I’m always here for them to talk with about anything, from religion to movie quotes, is vital to me because it helps me understand who they are so I can love them better.

You may think homosexuality is a sin or not and honestly I don’t care which it is. You are doing your best to spread God’s love with your music and words. People need to feel that love before they even care about repenting of their sins, whether it be jaywalking or homosexuality.

I stand by you as a fellow Christian to “love thy neighbor as thyself.” For “there is none other commandment greater than these.” (Mark 12:30-31)

Its none of my business what people’s sins are. I’m trying very hard not to think ill of the people who have thought ill of you. They have lives that I know nothing about. And people that are apart of the LGBTQ+ community deal with some trials that I will never struggle with. And you have a life that’s hard enough without fellow Christians calling you fake. You are doing what you can in the public eye to spread God’s love and help others to walk the christian path with gentle encouragements and kindness.

Your music has changed me and helped me through very difficult times and I hope people will listen to it more and that all of this will not discourage you from sharing your amazing talent with the world. Your faith is real and your love is real.

In hope,


Ryn Spire


Define yourself

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about CREATING yourself.” -Unknown

Screenshot (3)

Between the lines and shades of life we find the things that make us who we are. Sometimes it’s difficult to seek after the in between places because the lines are comfortable. They are clear cut; we know where we are and where others are.

As we blend though, we find new shades of meaning; we grow and change. It is this material that we need to use to create new lines, discover new ways of being and ultimately create you! A person that can find the kindness in others, can bring out the best in anything and that can not only change the world but CREATE a world of change.

You don’t have to be bound by status ques or cultural expectations. Why listen to the naysayers and haters? They are as rigid as parallel lines unable to see the angles you see.

Come ALIVE with the knowledge that you have the stuff it takes to explore and create and be!